e-Participation Policy

e-Participation Policy

Users are not allowed to perform the following while answering the Survey and Questionnaire found in the PPANPk Official Portal:

1. Uploading, emailing, or sending of information on matters as follows:-
 Deemed unlawful, dangerous, threatening, offensive, disruptive, abusive, slanderous, crude, obscene, violating privacy, hateful, racial, religious, ethnic, or otherwise in matters which are obnoxious, untrue, irrelevant to the questionnaire or survey provided by the PPANPk Official Portal.
 Comprising any advertisements not requested or prohibited, and promotional materials, commercial or otherwise, including links to websites/portals with the said contents.
 Containing software viruses or any other computer codes, files or programmes created to damage, destruct or restrict the functions of any of the computer software, devices or telecommunication equipment.

2. Using or creating a false identification (including pseudonyms, impersonation, or false declaration).

3. Threatening, spying on or humiliating other users.

4. Restricting or preventing other users from using this portal.

5. Disrupting, disabling, inconveniencing, jeopardizing work, portal appearance, server or network connected to the portal.