Collection Of Perak


The Perak Treasury Collection (Koleksi Khazanah Negeri Perak or KPK) is one of the units in the state library that provide services to library users. This unit provides reference service for all the information in the library as well as outside the library. Staffs of the unit will do their best in providing information inquired by users. This unit also enable users to acquire reading materials from other libraries (Pinjaman Antara Perpustakaan).

KPK provides all materials in various fields related to the state of Perak, written by Perak’s authors, or published in Perak. These include newspapers reports, monograph, yearly report, maps, and many others. It functions as a unit that assemble all collection related to Perak, including authors’ background, publishing, book’s content etc.

There are more than 1000 collection available in this unit including other publications such as journals, reports, magazines, books, souvenirs, pictures collection and others. All the materials in this unit are closed access and thus cannot be borrowed.

This site is created to expand the existing collection where it prepares information related to Perak in digital form and can be downloaded by users. The information within the site are mostly taken from resources retrieved from the internet and books. They are compiled in a collection for the convenience of library users.

Through the year, KPK is responsible in carrying out at least 6 user-friendly activities which involves exhibition, history-related activity, workshop, scholars’ talk, forums and various others. This unit is also responsible in enriching the materials related to Perak such as works written by Perak’s authors, works published in Perak and any other work or dissertation related to Perak.

Many efforts are being made to fulfill the objective above including by adding to the collection of articles related to Perak, identifying Perak related monographs as well as acquiring contributions to expand the material collections.

One of the strategies employed to conserve the materials collection is by digitalizing the materials that are have historical values and are no longer published. It is hoped that this KPK site will disseminate and increase materials related to Perak.


To provide collection of materials in KPK in digital and monograph forms in line with the state government’s efforts to strive towards making Perak community an IT literate community.


To provide a complete collection of Perak’s books treasury to fulfill user’s needs that may consists of seeking for information resources related to Perak in terms of background, personalities, publishing, origin, and other related materials. It is hoped that KPK is able to contribute in the service of complete materials related to Perak for library users.

Unit Function

• To prepare the collection of materials for users

• To conserve the materials collection

• To collect news clippings regarding Perak

• To retrieve and record new materials