Chairman Message

Salam Sejahtera, Salam 1Malaysia dan Salam Perak Amanjaya,

Alhamdulillah syukur, because with the grace and inayah-Nya, Perak State Public Library Corporation produced the official website of the Perak State Public Library Corporation (PPANPk). I congratulate and applaud the secretariat official website PPANPK as have tried and succeeded to develop and update their official website PPANPk in line with current information.

Perak State Public Library Corporation is a statutory body under the State Government of Perak who played a key role in efforts to promote activities carried out in the entire network of library services in the State of Perak. The planned programmes successfully implemented in accordance with the role of the library to ensure the involvement of the community in using the services and facilities provided. In the era of information technology, facilities information delivery already is getting easier with the availability of different forms of media such as electronic mass media, and the internet is now widely used.

The role and efforts of the management official website PPANPk should be appreciated. It is my hope and all so that the results of these efforts continue to benefit the community for the well-being of everyone.

Finally, it is hoped that the official website of PPANPk will continue to display and disclose current activities undertaken related to the library so that they can be part of a source of information as well as important reference materials that can be shared and will provide useful input to all individuals who choose to access the site.

We wish each of which we do get success and blessing..

YB Salbiah Binti Mohamed
(ADUN Temengor)
Chairman's of The Board
Perak State Public Library Corporation